Welcome to the PokemonXRedwall WikiEdit

This Wiki is for fans of both Pokemon and Redwall. This wiki allows you to go and say what you want to say about both Pokemon and Redwall without having to choose one or the other.

 If you have any Pokemon or Redwall news about Redwall and Pokemon, have a fan fiction you want to people to see,  and any other such stuff, don't be afraid to contribute to this wiki by adding what you know.

What It's All About.Edit

Welcome to the PokemonXRedwall Wiki!!! I know you guys have a lot to discuss about Pokemon and Redwall, but here's a little bit about what this wiki is about.

-First off, we're all about Redwall and Pokemon, but if you have little something to tell us about either or neither, feel free to share it

-Secondly, In case you don't know already, no foul language. If you contribute something and you can't control your urges to curse, use some symbols to replace the swearing and foul language (for example, &*!@! could mean anything that you need it to).

-Thirdly, this is a wiki where you don't have to choose between two or more of you favorite topics. If you have something to share like a fan fiction, a poem, or something like that that does or doesn't have relations to Redwall and/or Pokemon, feel free to share it! It won't be deleted, I promise.

-Finally, this is a wiki where you can have fun without being hounded for artwork that, say, didn't originally belong to you that you found on a public domain website that you just happened to find and happened to edit it to your tastes and display it (trust me, I know a friend who been down that road. They other users hounded him, so he cancelled his account). So even if you happened upon a photo that you didn't know was someone else's on a public domain site, take it, edit it, and show it off to the other users here on the wiki, you won't be punished or, for that matter, blocked from editing.


So, have fun here at the PokemonXRedwall wiki and, as i said earlier, if you have something you want to share, doesn't matter whether or not it's related to Pokemon or Redwall, fell free to share it without worry of punishment!


Latest activityEdit

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