Jake Kisaragi II 18:48, January 23, 2012 (UTC)To those of you who don't know what Redwall is, I will give you a small synopsis.

Redwall is a book series by author Brian Jacques (who died in May of 2011) that has had multiple volumes (22 with 2 more on the way). Each book revolves around a character that has to go on a journey that will take them into the reaches of Mossflower Wood (a central HUB for all happenings in the series) and beyond. The first book titled Redwall was about a mouse named Matthias (every hero, villain, and supporting character is an animal) who must go on a quest to recover an ancient sword and shield of the late Martin the Warrior (a mouse that the denizens of Redwall Abbey seem to look to for guidance). To find them he must leave his home, the Abbey of Redwall, to go on a perilous journey where he will encounter all sorts of allies and foes. All the while his home is being attacked by a vicious rat named Cluny the Scourage and his band of rats, ferrets and stoats.

Word to the wise, there will be a few riddles in all the books that you can try to solve on your own. Though, there you don't get a reward for it, you can have the pleasure of solving it on your own without having to skip to the solution later in the book (the solutions are revealed later on in the story). If you don't want to solve them, that's alright. There's no risk nor reward to solving them.

The point of this series is to give readers a trip to a world where they can feel like they are a part of every journey, every feast (trust me, there are a lot of feasts in the series), and every epic battle. It's a swashbuckling series of tales that keep the reader guessing and will make them keep wanting more when the last page is read.

So that's what the first book and the rest of the series is about. If you want to learn more about it, go to your local library and read up. Or, just ask the guys of the Redwall Wiki. They'll be able to help you out a little more than I can.

  Thanks for listening,

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